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Thorne Research Quercenase 60 kapslar

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Quercenase (Bromelain & Quercetin chalcone)


Quercenase kombinerar Thorne Research's patenterade quercetin chalcone med bromelain för förstärkt absorption och förhindrande av prostaglandiner. Den förstärker motståndskraften mot inflammationer, allergireaktioner och prostaglandinbildning.


1 kapsel innehåller:
Quercetin * (vattenlöslig)250 mg
Bromelain (outspädd)100 mg
* Thornes varumärke för vattenlösligt quercetin är Quercetin Chalcone. Dess användning i denna produkt är skyddat under U.S. patent nr. 5.977.184.  

Storlek: 60 kap



quercetin chalcone and bromelain combination

  • a potent, well-absorbed antioxidant formula*
  • provides cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and respiratory support*


Product Information

Quercenase is a combination of water-soluble quercetin* and bromelain. Bromelain is a compound of proteolytic enzymes derived from the pineapple plant. Bromelain has protein-digesting and immune-enhancing properties.* Bromelain also contains constituents that help maintain the body's normal inflammatory response, and may help the absorption of soluble quercetin.*

Quercetin appears to have many beneficial effects on human health, including cardiovascular protection, as well as protection of the gastrointestinal tract.* A number of quercetin's effects appear to be due to its antioxidant activity.* Quercetin scavenges free radicals and inhibits oxidation of LDL cholesterol.* By itself, and paired with vitamin C, quercetin can reduce the incidence of oxidative damage to skin and nerves caused by glutathione depletion.* Quercetin also stabilizes mast cells that store and release histamine.*

The flavonoid quercetin is ubiquitous in the plant community. It consists of a three-ringed structure with an oxygen molecule at the top of the middle flavonoid ring. It contains five hydroxyl (OH) groups, which gives it potent antioxidant activity.* However, regular quercetin is not water soluble and is poorly absorbed from an oral dose. Thorne Research's water-soluble quercetin is more bioavailable than regular quercetin.

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