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Terrasana Arame Alg 50 g

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Med sin söta och milda smak är Arame (Eisenia Bicyclis) en utmärkt introduktion till havsgrönsaker.


Tillagning: Skölj noga. Blötlägg 5 minuter i kallt vatten (3:1 vatten:arame). Koka 20 minuter i samma vatten. Tillsätt sojasås (shoyu) och sjud tills vattnet avdunstat.



Arame alg (vildväxande)


Eisenia bicyclis Arame is a black sea weed that has a similar texture and consistency to hiziki, but with a noticeably milder flavor and aroma. Arame grows abundantly in the Sea of Japan. It is harvested, by hand, from May to August. Arame is cooked for seven hours to make it tender and then dried in the sun. Arame is a wide leaf which is sliced into thin strands for easier use.


Arame is an excellent introduction to the taste of sea vegetables. It is easily prepared and offers an interesting texture with a milder flavor. Arame an excellent source of protein, fat and vitamins A, B-1 and B-2. Basic preparation : Wash arame well and soak in water till soft. The water which arame soaks in becomes dark brown and contains valuable nutrients and flavors which should be saved and used in other recipes.


Leave the arame for a few minutes after washing, so it can absorb enough water to regain its original form. The cooking time of arame is 5 to 10 minutes.


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