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Truffee's & Co Chocolate Truffle Lemon Pie 6,5 g

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We are sure you have tried our Truffee's & Co chocolate truffle already at a restaurant or cafe, and we hope you enjoyed it!
Our Truffee's & Co Chocolate Truffles are the single wrapped chocolate truffle line from WOW Chocolao! 


Our truffee's & co chocolate truffles are mainly used to serve with the coffee, or to give a little treat together with the bill. For a low price of just 0,10 each chocolate truffle, you can spoil your client without any additional costs.



It's also possible to order our Truffee's & Co chocolate truffles for at home. We have the consumer packs from WOW Chocolao! in smaller sizes, or for the real chocolate lovers you can order a 2.6 kg box for at home ;-)
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