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Emile Noël Kallpressad Extra Virgin Olivolja EKO 1 L

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This olive oil was cold-pressed from black olives harvested when perfectly ripe. 5.5kg of olives are used for each bottle. A fine, light flavour, with a light fruitiness and no bitterness.     


Manufacturing :

It takes an average of 5kg of olives to make 1 litre of oil. The olives are stored as briefly as possible (at most 2-3 days). The sorted olives are cleaned with water. Stone grinding: the whole olives are ground to tear the cells of the fruit (pulp, stone and kernel) and thus release the oil. Kneading is essential to facilitate oil release and improve yield. The oil is separated from the vegetation water by centrifugation. This pure, untreated fruit juice, produced at low temperature (30-40°C) is wholly natural. The designation "extra virgin olive oil" is given to oil with acidity below 0.8% (EU legislation).

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