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Emile Noël Kallpressad Arganolja Virgin EKO 250 ml

325 kr
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Organic Virgin Argan oil



100% organic cold-pressed virgin argan oil. The argan tree, argania spinosa in the sapotaceae family, is a prickly tree producing edible fruit with an oil-producing kernel. Found mostly on Morocco's dry hillsides, and more rarely in Andalusia and Mexico, it's in the Tamanar region in southwest Morocco, where Berber women mechanically press the kernels from the Argan berries, after crushing the stones between two stones.''



Automated seed-cleaning. First cold pressing (T


Tasting committee

Its subtle taste will bring out the flavours in tagines, pasta and salads.


Nutritional benefits

The cold-pressed oil is rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants (vitamin E).


Organically produced - Certified by Ecocert

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