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Emile Noël Kallpressad Hampaolja Virgin EKO 250 ml

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Emile Noels kallpressade hampaolja tillverkas av utvalda ekologiska hampafrön. Traditionell produktionsmetod används för att bevara näringen på bästa sätt.

Kallpressad hampaolja innehåller en perfekt balans av essentiella fettsyror som t ex omega-3 och omega-6.


Med sin fina grön färg och nötig smak passar den utmärkt att ringla över sallader eller att använda i röror, dippar och dressingar.



Ekologisk virgin hampaolja.


100% cold-pressed organic virgin Hemp oil Hemp belongs to the large cannabinacae (?) family (cannabis) type. There are several cannabis families which are distinguished from one another by the amount of psychotropic substances in the seeds. The best known, but also the one we use is cannabis sativa. It's a yearly plant that grows in a wild state here and there around the world. It germinates in spring and flowers from late summer up until the end of October. It's grown especially in Africa, Asia and South America. We use a cannabis variety whose seeds do not contain any psychotropic substance. So the plant has no value as a drug. It takes the form of a little bush or tree whose dark green leaves are fir-shaped. The oil is emerald-green in colour, has a lightly spicy smell and similarly attractive taste to hazelnut oil.



Automated seed-cleaning. First cold pressing (T


Tasting committee

It livens up seasoning for salads, vegetables and filleted fish. Because it's rich in essential fatty acids, it shouldn't be used for cooking.


Nutritional benefits

Organic virgin hemp oil is pressed from a variety of specially selected hemp seeds that don't contain any psychotropic substances. It has outstanding nutritional qualities: it's naturally rich in Omega 3, which helps keep our cardiovascular system in good working order but also has the best ratio of omega 6 and omega 3 (3/1). So it's one of those rare oils that contains a significant amount of these 2 essential fatty acids that our body cannot reproduce.


Organically produced - Certified by Ecocert

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