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Sonnentor Te CBD-hampa Eko 80g Sonnentor Te CBD-hampa Eko 80g
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Sonnentor Te CBD-hampa Eko 80g

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Ekologisk hampa med extra hög CBD-halt.

CBD Hampa skördas när växten är under blomning, den innehåller både blommor och blad, men mest blad.



Ekologiska hampablad (Cannabis sativa). Cannabidiol (CBD)-innehåll: 1,4 mg per 200 ml kopp te (0,7 ml/100 ml).

Energi (kJ/kcal): 961/232

Fett (g): 1.4

varav mättat (g): 0.5

Kolhydrater (g): 20.6

varav sockerarter (g): 5.9

Protein (g): 8.8

Fiber (g): 51.1

Salt (g): 0.02


The legendary hemp automobile of Henry Ford caused a stir back in 1941. The fibers of the renewable raw material were used for the body of the car and hemp oil for fuel. Today, hemp is indispensable as a building material, hemp plastic, clothing, food, paper or in medicine.


Cannabis plants contain cannabidiol, also called CBD. Since CBD is not psychoactive, the substance has no intoxicating effect.

However, CBD hemp has many positive qualities that are now appreciated and used by many people. With its valuable ingredients, CBD hemp has a relaxing effect on the nervous system and increases the quality of life in many cases.

SONNENTOR has been using dried hemp leaves in various products for around 10 years and adheres to strict specifications *.


The leaves of the CBD-containing variety Cannabis Sattiva impress with truly positive properties. To ensure better absorption of the plant’s valuable ingredients, add a source of fat such as oils or milk in the tea. CBD hemp leaves are available both loosely and in a practical infusion bag.

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