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Emma Noël Jojoba Oil EKO 50 ml

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Presentation, properties and advice
Ensures balanced skin acidity. Its sebum-like composition strengthens the hydrolipidic film. Recommended for dry, dull hair. Jojoba oil has been known forever to native American Indians (in Arizona and California), who use it in their diet and apply it locally to assist healing and make the hair more attractive. This oil is very useful because more than 40% of it is unsaponifiable substances (sought after in cosmetology). Thanks to its excellent compatibility with the skin, jojoba oil can be used as bath oil or massage oil. It also restores suppleness and softness to the skin. It is a liquid wax.
Its composition enables it to reinforce the hydrolipidic film after several applications. As a result, it is widely used for its emollient properties.
It obtains excellent results on dry hair, making it glossier. Apply a mask for roughly 20 minutes.

Botanical details
Jojoba grows in the semi-desert areas of northern Mexico and southern Arizona and California. It is cultivated in South America and Israel, and experimentally in some parts of Africa. Jojoba is a dioecious shrub with blue-green leaves with a thick cuticle. The jojoba seed contains up to 60% oil.

100% organic virgin jojoba oil, first cold pressed (simmondsia chinensis oil)


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