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Lepicol 180 g

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För en mage i balans! Lepicol är en trippelformula bestående av tre naturliga substanser i form av psylliumfrö, cikoriarotfiber och mjölksyrabakterier. ?De är noga utvalda och skonsamma i sin aktivitet. Samtliga ingredienser har vegetabiliskt ursprung och tas inte upp av kroppen och är inte vanebildande. Skal från psyllium frön består av vattenlösliga fiber som kan suga upp vätska motsvarande 20 gånger mer än sin egen vikt. När man tar dessa utrörda i vatten, bilder fröna en mjuk gelé som förflyttar sig genom tarmen. Användningsområde: Lepicol innehåller psyllium fiber som kan bidra till normal tarmfunktion samt normala kolesterolvärden


Lepicol – the original formula for your daily colon cleanse This product makes it easier for you to keep your bowels healthy. It has a three pronged approach to help you do this. A very soluble but gentle fibre that helps to improve transit time for both loose and constipated systems, along with pre and probiotics to help to keep the environment within the bowels nice and clean.


LEPICOL is made of natural source ingredients which help to maintain the efficient action of the bowels, Taken daily, it will safeguard your fibre intake to help ensure regular bowel movements, whilst at the same time provide the friendly bacteria important to maintain a healthy balance.


Ingredients Psyllium Husks, Inulin (prebiotics), Probiotic cultures: Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium bifidum.


PSYLLIUM HUSKS, which come from the cleansing plantain Psyllium, are rich in fibre and able to absorb more than 20 times their own weight in fluid, ideal to help in the movement of waste through the digestive system. The psyllium used in Lepicol is 98% pure and is the highest grade available.


INULIN (PREBIOTICS) are extracted from Chicory and have been shown to extend the life of Lactobacillus bacteria. Recent research in Japan and the USA has shown how Inulin can sustain intestinal flora and enhance the Bifidobacteria population.


PROBIOTICS, Known as the friendly bacteria are vital to a healthy colon. The inclusion of healthy bacteria in Lepicol plays an important part of the overall program in keeping the colon healthy.



LEPICOL, because of its cleansing properties, is ideal for inclusion in a Detox diet.

How do I take Lepicol?

LEPICOL is available in husk form and is mixed with water or diluted fruit juice. For full details, see the label. LEPICOL is FREE from wheat, FREE from sugar, FREE from additives.

Contains traces of milk and soya at a level which would not affect lactose intolerance sufferers.

Nutitional Information


 Per (5g) ServingPer (100g)
Energy Kj8.5169
Energy Kcal240
Fibre g/100g4.488.3
Protein g/100g<11.3
Carbohydrate g/100g<1<1
Fat g/100g<1<1
Sodium g/100g0.0020.04
Probiotic cultures600 million 


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