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Thorne Research Trace Minerals 90 kapslar

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Trace Minerals (Zn/Mn/Cr/Se/Mo/V)

Trace Minerals är en kombination av spårmineraler bundna med pikolinat-, citrat- och aspartatsyror i en välbalanserad formulering.

1 kapsel innehåller:
Zink (som zinkcitrat)15 mg
Selen (som selencitrat)100 mcg
Mangan (som mangancitrat)2,5 mg
Krom (som kromcitrat)100 mcg
Molybden (som molybdencitrat)50 mcg
Bor (som borcitrat)700 mcg
Vanadin (som vanadincitrat)50 mcg

Storlek: 90 kap


Trace Minerals

a complete trace mineral complex with highly absorbable citrate chelates*

  • provides seven essential trace minerals
  • well-absorbed citrate chelates*
  • cofactors for numerous biochemical enzymatic reactions*
  • supplements key minerals that may be deficient in food*


Product Information

Research on trace minerals has demonstrated their importance in human health. Trace minerals are cofactors for most enzymes in the body and are essential for proper hormone and neurotransmitter function.* Deficiencies of specific trace minerals can have an adverse impact on cardiovascular health, bone health, fertility, cognitive health, and immunity.* Even mild deficiencies in trace minerals can result in poor growth and development.* Many dietary trace minerals are found in fruits and vegetables; however, mineral depletion of the soil has rendered much of the produce we buy deficient in these essential nutrients. Because of these circumstances, supplementation may be indicated.

Trace Minerals combines citrate-bound minerals in a well-balanced trace mineral formula. As an important intermediate in the body's production of energy, citrate is essential for metabolism in all living organisms.* Citrate-bound trace minerals are well absorbed and utilized by the body.* Citrate can inhibit the precipitation of calcium oxalate and phosphate in the urine.*

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