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Mineralife Blood Sugar Support 240 ml Mineralife Blood Sugar Support 240 ml
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Mineralife Blood Sugar Support 240 ml

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Support glucose function in your busy, active lifestyle

Following a healthy, balanced diet that includes regular mealtimes is hard. We all like to indulge on occasion… and so become familiar with the sugar rush that is quickly followed by a sugar crash.

  • Do you have a family history of unstable blood sugar levels?
  • Do you often experience a mid-afternoon slump?
  • Do have difficulty eating well?
  • Do you tend to skip meals?
  • Are you working towards achieving your ideal weight?

If you can relate to the sugar rush/crash cycle or if you answered YES to one or more of the questions above, then Blood Sugar Support may be just what you need.

Mineralife professional grade liquid Ionic Blood Sugar Support mineral concentrate contains a  combination of the most important dietary minerals for blood sugar regulation. It is specifically formulated to address the mineral requirements that support the mediation of insulin release and activity to help promote healthy sugar balance for better health and vitality.

Blood Sugar Support:

  • supports healthy and normal insulin release and activity
  • promotes healthy sugar balance
  • maintains normal and healthy cholesterol levels
  • aids in weight loss
  • eliminates sugar cravings
  • increases energy

Are you ready to take control of your blood sugar levels, increase your energy levels and eliminate sugar cravings?  Mineralife Blood Sugar Support can provide the balance you need.

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