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OLIVIE PLUS 30x 250 ml

299 kr
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A SUPER FOOD - the richest olive oil in terms of anti-oxydants (30 times more anti-oxydants hydroxytyrosol compared to any conventional extra virgin olive oil). This is a worldwide innovation. For diabetes, this unique oil is capable to lower by 30% the sugar rate after just 2 weeks of intake !

Natural Polyphenols and Hydroxytyrosol. 30 times more effective to protect your heart against LDL oxidation.

The thorough analysis of the Olivie Plus 30X extra virgin olive oil, produced by Olivie Pharma, showed that this oil is naturally more rich in polyphenols, particularly in Hydroxytyrosol, with quantity of 233mg/kg, and also Tyrosol, with content of 161 mg/kg in its samples.

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