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Emile Noël Kallpressad Valnötsolja Virgin EKO 250ml

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Ekologisk valnötsolja som har en karakteristisk smak av valnötter. Passar att ringala över salladen tillsammans med en nypa flingsalt.

Ingredienser: Ekologisk virgin VALNÖTsolja.


Organic virgin walnut oil



100% organic virgin walnut oil from the first cold pressing. The common walnut tree (Juglans Regia) belongs to the juglandaceae (?) family. Originally from Persia and the Caucasus, it spread all over Europe and especially in France. The nuts are grown according to organic farming methods, meaning no synthetic fertilisers or pesticides are used but, on the contrary, green fertilisers and crop rotation.



The walnuts are shelled and the first cold pressing (T


Tasting committee

Not suitable for cooking


Nutritional benefits

Organic virgin walnut oil is particularly sought-after for its unique taste. It brings out the flavours in everything else. However, we mustn't forget that this oil is also a good source of a not very widespread, essential fatty acid (we don't produce it ourselves); alpha-linolenic acid. A deficiency in this fatty acid is marked by eyesight disorders and marred brain functions, especially during growth. Virgin walnut oil also contains vitamin E.''(Natural antioxidant).


Organically produced - Certified by Ecocert

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