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Emile Noël Rostad Sesamolja Virgin Eko 250 ml Emile Noël Rostad Sesamolja Virgin Eko 250 ml
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Emile Noël Rostad Sesamolja Virgin Eko 250 ml

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100 procent ekologisk sesamolja som kommer från kallpressade rostade sesamfrön. Perfekt att använda i asiatisk matlagning. Kan också användas som en värmande olja på huden. 


Organic virgin toasted sesame oil



100% organic virgin toasted sesame oil from the first cold pressing. The oil is extracted from sesamum indicum, a herbaceous plant from the pedaliaceae family. Growing sesame dates back to ancient times, extending from west Africa, the Middle East to Central America. The seeds Emile NOEL uses come exclusively from Burkina Faso (Africa) and Mali. They are grown according to organic farming methods, meaning no synthetic fertilisers or pesticides are used but, on the contrary, green fertilisers, crop rotation and natural pest control measures.



The seeds are toasted in a pan to develop their aromas. They're then pressed using the first cold pressing (T


Tasting committee

Organic virgin toasted sesame oil is particularly popular due to its very unusual taste. It's a brilliant way of spicing up Oriental dishes.


Organically produced - Certified by Ecocert

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