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Naturata Vegetable stock cube with organic yeast, without palm oil 6 st

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Practical, pre-portioned seasoning with organic yeast, as a basis for soups or enhancing.


Produced without the addition of palm oil; shea butter is used instead. Shea butter is a vegetable oil which is obtained from the nuts of the shea tree. This occurs in the naturally wooded areas south of the Sahara. The shea nuts needed for the production of shea butter are picked by hand and pre-processed locally.

Valuable ingredients:

Sea salt, shea butter*, maize starch*, vegetables 6,3 % (carrots*, leek*, onions*, CELERY*, parsnips*, tomatoes*), concentrated vegetable juice (CELERY*, carrots*, onions*), maize glucose syrup*, yeast extract*, spices (mace*, turmeric*, pepper*, lovage root*, ginger*), caramelised sugar*, parsley*, CELERY leaves*, sunflower oil*


allergenic ingredients: Celery and celery products

Folding carton, 6g
Packaging material:
Cardboard, Paper, alu
Storage advice:
Store in a cool, dry place.
Origin of the raw material:
Various countries

Average nutritional value & analysis results per 100 g:

1.275 kJ / 307 kcal

of which saturates

21,6 g

10,2 g


of which sugars

24,9 g

4,5 g

2,0 g
44,30 g
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