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Earth's Bounty Tahitian Noni Juice Eko 946 ml Earth's Bounty Tahitian Noni Juice Eko 946 ml
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Earth's Bounty Tahitian Noni Juice Eko 946 ml

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Tahitian Organic Noni Juice

100% Pure Noni Juice - nothing added.

A 100% Pure Noni Juice that is also Organic, from Earth's Bounty - the qualtiy brand you can trust. We pick each fruit at the peak of ripeness, then specially process it to capture maximum potency. This is pure, fresh, organically grown Noni - straight from Nature with nothing added.

Your Checklist for Better Health


  • 100% Noni Juice
  • 100% certified Kosher
  • 100% certified organic
  • 100% pure, undiluted Noni juice
  • 100% fresh—not reconstituted
  • Selectively harvested for freshness
  • 100% guaranteed


Taste & Organic Noni

Please know that the taste, aroma and texture can, and does vary. We use Noni from many farms located throughout Polynesia and picked all during the year. All of this can affect the taste but not the quality. Rest assured, each and every time you use our Earth's Bounty Organic Noni Juice you are getting 100% pure Noni Juice, 100% USDA Organic plus certified Kosher & Halal. Enjoy!

Noni Juice - Frequently Asked Questions


What is Noni?

Noni is a tropical fruit with many properties. It is found mainly in tropical Pacific islands, and has been used for centuries by native islanders as their most important health remedy. The prized Noni fruit contains beneficial enzymes, alkaloids and other compounds that have been shown to stimulate the immune system and aid in cellular regeneration.

For what benefits is Noni best known?

Noni has been used in many traditional healing cultures to alleviate a wide variety of symptoms, including those seen in immune problems, digestive disorders and more. Most of these benefits have been documented in modern clinical literature. Noni's benefits are due to the combined actions of its many beneficial compounds.

How can you use Noni?

Noni contains over 150 different compounds that work as a complex team to balance and optimize our body's functions. Some compounds, such as scopoletin and damnacanthal, have been isolated and studied individually. They have been documented to support the body in regulating the immune system, and in many other activities.

Why is harvesting so crucial to Noni's benefits?

Unlike seasonal fruits that ripen simultaneously and may be harvested all together at a particular time of year, Noni is a perennial fruit that ripens individually. Because of this, Noni should be harvested selectively, with each fruit picked individually when it ripens. Noni that is harvested either prematurely or too late will not contain the full amount of beneficial enzymes and compounds that contribute to its numerous medicinal qualities. Once its optimum ripeness has passed, Noni ferments or rots rapidly. Earth's Bounty does not use rotten Noni.

Where is Earth's Bounty Noni manufactured?

Noni grows well in tropical climates. Earth's Bounty uses only fresh Noni from pristine climates of Hawaii, and the South Pacific Islands. As with other fruits, Noni should be grown in a good environment, free of pollution and pesticides, then harvested selectively for optimum ripeness. The source matters - differences between brands of Noni are likely to be the result of many factors - environment, farming techniques, harvesting methods, manufacturing processes and product formulation.

Is the juice pasteurized?

Yes. Earth's Bounty uses a flash-heating process. The flash-heating technology meets USDA guidelines and is used to ensure cleanliness and stability without preservatives.

Do the capsules have the same potency as the juice? 

Yes. Our capsules are 100% pure Noni juice, with only the water removed. Once taken, capsules become mixed with fluids during digestion. One capsule is equal to 1/2 ounce of juice and yields similar results. Noni capsules are so effective, the U.S. Government is conducting a study on them.

What is different about Earth's Bounty Noni? 

Everything. Earth's Bounty Noni is made from the finest 100% Morinda citrifolia. It is grown without pesticides, then selectively harvested when each fruit is at optimum ripeness. It is never fumigated or irradiated. We use only the fruit—never inferior parts of the plant like the leaves or roots. All of our Noni products are juices, without fillers or additives. Earth's Bounty uses "Good Manufacturing Processes" to preserve freshness and ensure that you receive maximum potency of the beneficial compounds.

Processing Noni Juice - Morinda citrifolia


Superior Noni starts with a pristine environment, free from pollution.

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