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Four Sigmatic Instant Lion's Mane 20 påsar

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Detta instant-pulver från Four Sigmatic innehåller en blandning av Lion’s mane (eller igelkottstaggsvamp som den heter på svenska) tillsammans med extrakt av åkermynta, nypon, rosenrot samt stevia.

Pulvret blandas enkelt med hett vatten för en stärkande kopp när du behöver hitta extra fokus, eller går också bra att blanda ut i smoothies, juicer och desserter.

Four Sigmatic kommer från Finland, och deras ekologiska instantpulver består av extrakt från svampar med traditionell användning för att stötta sin hälsa. Alla pulver framställs med högsta kvalitet, och de är fria från konstgjorda tillsatser och passar utmärkt för veganer.

Kosttillskott: Bör ej användas som alternativ till en varierad kost. Överskrid ej den angivna rekommenderade dagliga dosen. Förvaras utom räckhåll för små barn.

Per dagsdos (1 påse): Lion's mane-extrakt (Hericium erinaceus)* (1.5 g), åkermyntaextrakt*, nyponextrakt*, rosenrotextrakt (Rhodiola rosea)*. *Ekologisk.

Biohacking the brain

Lion’s Mane is an all natural brain booster, a nootropic, with no side effects. It has been shown to improve memory, boost creativity and help with concentration. The Nerve Growth Factors (NGF) are essential in neural health and they are responsible for these effects and improvements. The active ingredients in Lion’s Mane, hericenones and erinacines, are shown to stimulate the NGF production in the body. These two families of cyathane derivatives are small enough to pass through the blood-brain barrier and they can also increase myelination which ensures clear transmission of information across synapses.

Lion’s Mane’s properties extend to the entire nervous system. Many studies have been conducted to discover its anti-dementia effects. It can be of great help for people suffering from Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease and other neurological damages and in improving reflexes.

How and when to use:

  • Add one packet to 8fl oz of hot water or blend in to your favorite smoothie
  • At work when the “brain fog” hits - get your focus back
  • When studying, reading or writing - for a concentration boost
  • 1 packet per day

Lion’s mane

The main ingredient in our Lion’s mane elixir is, of course, pure wood-grown lion’s mane mushroom! 1500 mg of the most potent lion’s mane extract with at least 30% polysaccharides (15%+ beta-glucans). No starch, sugars or any fillers at all.

To make sure that you are able to get the most out of this hard-to-digest mushroom we dual extracted it for you. This means that all of the active water- and fat-soluble components have been made bioavailable with boiling water and alcohol, respectively. After removing the alcohol and concentrating the extract we spray-dry it back to powder.

We only use the fruiting bodies of lion’s mane that are grown on real wood exactly as it would like to do in the wild. This ensures the proper nutrition for the mushrooms to become as effective as they can be. We don’t use the mycelium (“roots” of the mushroom), but allow it to concentrate all its power into a the actual mushrooms before taking them through our state-of-the-art dual extraction process.

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