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Zotter Mörk Choklad 60%/40% Cacao-Oat Drink 2x35g EKO

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A vegan bar with a 60% cacao content and 40% oat drink instead of milk, without any additional sugar. Traditionally, milk chocolate contains sugar, but with this creation, we do away with it entirely and focus purely on the harmony of cacao and oat drink, whereby the oat drink naturally boasts an astonishing level of sweetness. This is a vegan, mildly sweet milk chocolate alternative with a very high cacao content.

Taste notes: notes of citrus fruit, gingerbread and leafy herbs


Cocoa bar° with oat drink°


Ingredients: cocoa mass°*, OAT DRINK POWDER° (40%: OATS° fermented), cocoa butter°*

Cocoa (cocoa mass and cocoa butter): minimum 60%

*fair traded, fair trade content in total: 60%

°from controlled organic cultivation


May contain traces of all types of nuts, peanuts, milk, soy and sesame.

Nutritional information

Energy kcal564kcal
Energy  kJ2349kJ
of which saturates23g
of which sugar8,6g

Average nutritional value per 100 g

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